• Structured water
  • Increasing moisture of soil
  • De-humidification of walls
  • Wellness device




ALCHEWAT, Biotechnology froM South TYrol

ALCHEWAT structures and vitalizes the flowing water with biomagnetic induction and with the help of transmaterial catalysts. With this procedure the water regains its initial, natural quality and vitality. 


Our devices are not powered by electricity, don't need any additives, can be mounted easily at home and don't need any maintenance.


"If you want to understand the universe you have to see it as energy, frequencies and vibrations."

Nikola Tesla

Inventor, physicist and electronic ingeneer.

installation examples

ALCHEWAT-devices are made out of high quality metalalloys, are robust, durable and stay efficient even after any years of usage. User from the USA and Europe that have installed our products confirm this. The oldest installents go bac to the year 2010.


Our systems have been build around a technology based on research papers from the ministry for economic collaboration and developement – reoport E 5001 – 15.















Alchewat - Wasser - Acqua