Structured Water

It has a different property, which helps the water to remember certain information. You could say the water receives a structure, thus having its molecules in a more favorable order. You can compare the crystalline structure of the water with a snowflake. The water molecules are slightly inclined thus creating a hexagonal structure.
The water in the human body has the same crystalline structure, just like any spring water. It contains a higher energy. Scientists discovered a connection between the order in this structured water and the health of humans since this water contains a lot of these structures and energy.


„Every drop of spring water contains more energy than a regular power plant could produce nowadays.“


Viktor Schauberger

Because of all this, structured water has become an interesting and extensive theme for books. Mostly when it comes to manipulating the structure of water with the help of resonance. The authors of these books describe how it benefits the human body and how the water can be structured with various methods.
Erwin Schrödinger, winner of the Nobel-prize defined our life as a structure. To survive you would have to absorb structure and order from the outside of your body. This happens by absorbing sunlight and the water we can find in the nature. Another word for order is structure.


Transmaterial Catalysts
Scientific experiments from the last years have shown that materials have some sort of ability to remember certain information. Some materials can save this information for a longer amount of time and transfer it onto animals and materials. Research papers from the ministry for economic collaboration and developement – reoport E 5001 – 15.


Telemetric broadband-spiral antennas
Manipulates the soil and its humidity with the help of a transmitter and a receiver. They exchange electrostatic and electromagnetic fields trough self-made spiral antennas and silver-copper alloys.


Everything is a vibration
The famous electronic engineer Nikola Tesla was a pioneer and one of the biggest inventors of all time. In his lifetime he discovered that life was consisting of energy and vibrations. Because of this his quote “"If you want to understand the universe you have to see it as energy, frequencies and vibrations." Became famous over the years.



According to the findings of Western science subtle vibrations do not exist. Therefore does not science think it possible that subtle fields of vibration have an effect on the have physical, herbal well-being. The mentioned properties of our products are all based on Years of experience and satisfied customers who have been made in the practical use of it.