Monia Mansuè

Thanks ALCHEWAT, finally there is fresh water in my house ... and thanks to ALCHEWAT the limescale has been particularly reduced without the use of chemicals.


In our home we had particularly hard water that created problems both in terms of nutrition (cooking food) and cleaning and watering plants. Today we have excellent water that we drink regularly. No more limescale residues during cleaning. And our plants thank you too!

Nives di Pieve di Soligo

I have been applying the Alchewat device for almost a year. From the first days I noticed in the dishwasher a total absence of residues that usually remained in the filter and that strange odor that hovered inside was gone. Same thing with the washing machine, no odors especially on the laundry, and, moreover, by trying, the doses of detergent are almost halved! These were for me the things that convinced me of a good purchase, as well as not having to fight hard with limestone residues! Enjoy the difference! You realize it when you go to your friend to drink herbal tea or coffee who has nothing filtering her water.

Martina Capraro

For us, the purchase of the Alchewat device is to be considered more an investment than an expense. We noticed the first and immediate benefit in a better and faster cleaning of the shower glass (limescale no longer "hangs" on the wall of the box) and in the cleaning of the glass bottles we use to drink tap water that they no longer (or almost) have limescale residues on the bottle neck. The taste of the water immediately appeared different, certainly better, but it took some time for us to realize the real difference made by the Alchewat device, a little perhaps out of habit of the "old taste". Today, when we open the tap in the house, it is as if the water flows fresh and vitaly directly from a mountain source. It sounds unbelievable but it really is. Once I did not notice the difference with the water I drank at the homes of friends and family (be it bottled, from the houses, or from the tap). Today I clearly perceive the difference between the water treated with Alchewat and all the others, especially with bottled water. For those who buy bottled water, the use of Alchewat is certainly a business also from an economic point of view. Also in the friends plants we have been able to notice the great benefits brought by the use of the Alchewat device: in general they all make more leaves but even the calancola and the spatafillo have both made flowers without the use of fertilizer.

Mattia Carnelos

Omar Montagner

I installed the ALCHEWAT device and mounted it according to the criteria required for 100% operation. From that day on, I was able to gradually and objectively see the following beneficial effects: the water that flows from my home tap has a soft, light, harmonious, fresh taste, almost like the water that flows from the source of a mountain. I noticed that in the bathroom gradually, the limestone of the toilet and of the shower is reducing. I noticed that the various kitchen accessories are shinier when cleaned with water. I am very satisfied with this technological innovation. I recommend ALCHEWAT to everyone and if you have any questions or doubts contact Mr. Christian whom I personally thank for introducing me to this wonderful ALCHEWAT product.

Polifar S.r.l - Luisa B.

I was pleased with Alchewat's action. The rather hard water in my area has long made it difficult to clean the bathrooms. After the application of Alchewat I noticed a decrease in the incrustations of taps and sinks and the feeling that the washing machine is more efficient and fragrant. The device also satisfies me because it allows me to continue drinking water from the tap that is not impoverished or varied in taste, which instead happens with the application of classic softeners.

Alessandro Baggio

Hi, I'm Alessandro and in my life I deal with IT. I decided to try Alchewat on the recommendation of a friend. I must confirm that the product as well as being easy to install allows you to greatly improve the problem of water hardness even in a very complicated situation like the one in the area where I live. In fact, I immediately found that with Alchewat the limescale is now much less stubborn and is therefore easier to remove.


I had the opportunity to have this device installed for free directly on the water pipe by Christian met through Facebook. After a couple of days I noticed that after the shower the skin was less stressed and softer and smoother. Then, following a clogging of the kitchen sink drain, I tried to unclog it with the suction cup and a large amount of black crusts came out. Then I started drinking the tap-water: something I didn't do before as the taste was bad. In fact, the taste is good and thirst-quenching and you no longer need to buy bottled water. Finally, I noticed that the sanitary ware and taps have less dirt deposited than before installation. I highly recommend trying this new innovative device.

After 10 days of applying the ALCHEWAT device, I started to see the first results. To order, the limestone that normally formed in the pot where I heat the water for the herbal teas was much easier to clean, the same applied to the bathroom and shower. Now after two months, I see that in doing house cleaning, as far as limescale is concerned, it is much easier to remove than before. In addition to the ALCHEWAT device, I have added a ceramic filter to the kitchen faucet. The water I drink is really pleasant and thirst-quenching. House plants are more lush. In summary, there is a noticeable change in the perception of water in its uses, limestone still remains, but much easier to remove.