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Friends and idealistic supporters can support us by raising money with the help of Reward- or Donation Based Crowdfunding .


Donation-Based Crowdfunding:

We collect donations by supporters. Back in the days its was basically called a donation or fundraising for charitable reasons. Nowadays we call it Crowdfunding.


a.)  For supporting our business you will recieve a signed thanks write from Alchewat.


Reward-Based Crowdfunding:

Classic Crowdfunding collects donation funds and guarantees for a compensation. This concept is called  „Reward-Based Crowdfunding“


b.)  647€ - You will recieve an Alchewat Apline Fountain Light for the support of the project (Device for kitchen sinks).


c.)  1.037€ - You will recieve a Alchewat Alpine Fountain for the support of the project (Device for sinks in appartments or houses - pipe diametre = 1 1/2", DN40 or 50mm)


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Every supporter will recieve an invoice which comes with the product.


Thank you for the support!

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